Summer News 2014


It's been a fantastic rollercoaster health-wise the last few months: in the end, I didn't get on the drugs trial (blood count too low) and the last chemo had very heavy side effects, so much so that I didn't make it as far as New Orleans this year. But I did get as far as Virginia where my son Mark, wife Wendy and my delightful 16-month-old granddaughter Rose lives. So there's always good coming out of bad,

Waiting to go on a new drug, meantime I had a 9 cms stent put in the bottom of my stomach last week, which solved a lot of problems instantly. Ah, the wonders of modern science, for which I have to give many thanks to my oncologist Doc Sharma who has tirelessly worked on my behalf.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. A couple of weeks ago at the House of Commons I won the Services to Jazz award in the 2014 Parliamentary Jazz awards. On July 20th I'm going on Claire Teal's Sunday night big band show on BBC Radio 2 (U.K.'s most popular station) between 10 and midnight. The big dilemma now is choosing only three big-band tracks.

Later in July I'm being filmed for a TV documentary, it's part of a series called "My Street My Life' this one is going to be about Carnaby Street and King's Road. The series is being co-produced and presented by Twiggy; should be fun!

Meantime, subject to treatment schedule, I will be covering some of 'Jazz a Vienne', followed by a few days in Juan les Pins for the festival there. Otherwise, we're spending the summer in our house in the south of France, can't wait for some warm sun.

As always, so very many thanks to my wife Suzy for looking after me so well, she absolutely never falters, no matter how hard the going gets.

Finally, my musical tip: listen to Wilco Johnson /Roger Daltrey's Going back home. Wilco and I both have the same dreaded lurgy and we are both fighting well!


The great,
late David Redfern

Died on October 22 2014