Autumn News 2012

I've been inundated lately with questions about my current health situation, hence this interim bulletin.

It's been a long haul this summer, but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, contrary to what I've told many of you, I do have in fact three more treatment days (not 1) Oct 3rd, 17th& 23rd. My oncologist Doc Sharma is very happy with my progress, and I'm putting on around 1kg every couple of weeks.

An MRI scan will follow at the end.

I'm still going to France with Suzy (Oct 3 -16) for more R&R, so not much has changed, I'll still be fit and ready to photograph the London Jazz Festival (Nov 9 -18th). Hopefully I'll see a few of you around during that event. Look out for Suzy's T's, six new designs with my signature; which are being sold for the first time at the South Bank and the Barbican.

Thank you all for your love and support I've received over these last 9 months or so, I can assure you it has made a big difference to my state of mind and recovery.

As ever keep in touch, and what ever you're doing enjoy it to the full!

Best wishes


The great,
late David Redfern

Died on October 22 2014