Summer News 2012

Life has been very different this year! Normally I'll have sent out a newsletter from New Orleans in early May, as it would have been my 37th Jazz Festival. But it was not to be, owing to some health problems.

Many of you probably know by now that I've successfully embarked on a 6-month course of chemotherapy (finishing end of October) to zap a tumor in my pancreas. It seems to be going very well, getting my appetite back in-between treatments which in turn stems the weight loss, in fact it's a nice change to be told " eat anything you like"…. indulge yourself.

So it's onwards and upwards for the rest of the summer (I know - what summer?).I'll be covering Jazz A Vienne for the whole festival commencing June 28th, (apart from a couple of days back in London for treatment). It's an excellent roster of artists this year

A new feature of my improved web site will be the ability to view a selection of images from a festival or event under the name of the event. Contemporary Images i.e. Vienne 2012.

July 14th sees my Jimi Hendrix light box in a charity auction for AFRICA: Seen & Heard™, which will be officially launched on Saturday 14th July 2012, at:The Hampstead Town Hall,213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP. I'll also have some 18 other prints on display.

But on that day I'll be arriving at my house in sunny Uzes, France, with my partner Suzy for some well earned R & R.

Wherever you will be, keep the faith, enjoy the music and, above all, if you're shooting get 'em sharp.


The great,
late David Redfern

Died on October 22 2014