Hello from New Orleans, half way through the annual jazz festival (my 35th)

I'm still very excited to be here after all these years, with 11 stages playing at the same time; it's always a dilemma as to who to photograph, there's many a surprise to keep me busy, walking on average 6 miles (10km) a day at the fairground keeps one fit as well!


I'm constantly being asked how it's changed over the years, my answer is that the stages are much better lit, so picture taking in that respect is easier, that's if artists give permission!

I see an increasing number of entertainers who are saying 'no' to the professionals, what they seemingly fail to understand is that they are throwing themselves at the mercy of 100's of amateurs who don't care if they get unflattering pictures or not, or where they place them.

I'd just love to have a conversation with these artists & their managers to hear what's in their heads, because it doesn't stop anything, it just makes photographers' lives more difficult, but not impossible.

My partner Suzy is here with me this year & we are pleased to announce that Suzy Reed Ltd has just signed a worldwide T shirt licensing deal under the brand name 'World Famous by Suzy Reed' with Trevor Myles's company Secret Ingredient Ltd, to manufacture & distribute a fantastic range of T's based on some of my vintage images.Meanwhile, back at the home showroom Suzy continues to innovate new products to add to her range.

I now have a selection of light boxes, which are proving to be very popular. Three will be on show at my forthcoming exhibition in London at the RAC club opening on May 16th.

Following that I'm giving my first major lecture in Istanbul on May 21st at the CEPIC international picture library conference.

So no let-up for me in my 75th year & that's how I love it! Wherever you are, enjoy some live music whenever you can, for my eyes & ears it can't get any better.

The great,
late David Redfern

Died on October 22 2014